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We're focused on improving health, absolutely. But we can only get behind any new initiative when there are associated cost savings. My25 has delivered from a health and bottom-line standpoint, so we are very pleased. I'm also enthusiastic about the strategic possibilities this keeps opening up for us; My25 is an opportunity allowing us to further differentiate, enhance our health leadership brand, and create new value.

Larry Weishaar

Vice President Quality Systems, BrightSpring Health Services

We've utilized My25 resources within our population health management company for years and continue to be impressed and pleased with the engagement/education value, innovative content, and responsive approach My25 takes to its partnerships.

Bob Gorsky PhD

President, HPN WorldWide

My25 provides an amazing amount of consultation for the expense. It would be a serious failure to not take advantage of the insights and action steps they are providing. We could not otherwise find a source of such customized, tailored guidance.

David Wyher

CEO, Delta Community Supports

Thank you for your great service, style and – most importantly – your person-centered approach to encouraging self-driven, healthy living choices.

Hannah Jurewicz

State Director, Dungarvin

We're so pleased to provide this innovative, foundational resource that is centered on nutrition and available to our entire population.

Lisa Eaton Wright MS RDN LDN

Welless Coordinator, Moraine Valley Community College

The My25 program has made vast improvements in the health and wellness for the people served here at our organization — improvements in BMI, A1C, lipid levels and enhanced energy levels. My25’s greatest strength is the way they develop a partnership between the people served and house leadership, which fosters a person-centered approach to meal planning, honoring choice with special diet considerations, and a genuine focus on the individual’s success.

Anthony Demers

Director of LTSS Residential Services, Bay Cove Human Services

No question, we've saved money and improved peoples’ health. My25 professionals are innovative, enthusiastic and highly responsive. Our experience over many years has been as win-win as it gets.

Carl LaMell

CEO, Clearbrook

My25 brings leadership, progressive ideas, oustanding service and a proven track record to its partners; organizations can expect oustanding results.

Jim Stoynoff

President, Synthesis Solutions

The customized meal plans, recipes and support from My25 have been an invaluable resource in support of our health and wellness initiative. We have monthly contests, with a very high level of engagement from our residents. 90% of the individuals engaged have lost weight. The support and encouragement from the My25 staff have been very helpful and we would highly recommend utilizing this service.

Susan Silsby

Senior Vice President of Programs, Easterseals NH

At Pillar Care Continuum, we’ve implemented My25 in all of our residential group homes. Most of our residents have shown over time the ability to make healthier choices that have led to decreased obesity. The success of the program lies with implementation of menu planning with staff assistance and individual choice that leads to positive outcomes.

Kent Dettlo, MSW

Director of Residential, Pillar Care Continuum

My25 has been a great addition to our residential program. They offer many choices and varieties of meals accommodating the wide array of nutritional needs the individuals we care for have. They are very responsive to any requested changes and easy to work with. It has been a positive experience with positive outcomes.

Rebecca Dibble, RN

Nurse Supervisor, Citizen Advocates