Population health via personalized, digital nutrition maximizing for outcomes-driven innovators and the people with specialized needs they care about.

Any successful wellness initiative has My25 and nutrition as its linchpin . . . whether the goal is support/amplification for daily activities, care coordination, telehealth, or brand leadership. Having uniquely cracked the “food as medicine” code, My25 helps individuals, whole households, and the broader community improve clinical and social (SDoH) heath; our outcomes are substantial. Multiple stakeholders benefit from associated cost savings and opportunities.

My25’s personalized, digital resources—centered on a holistic solution and the whole person—help the elderly, individuals in recovery/rehabilitation, and people with behavioral and mental health needs, IDD, TBI, and physical challenges affordably plan, shop for, prepare, and eat the right foods in the right amounts. Along the way, we cultivate interactivity and bolster skills, education, and enjoyment of life. It’s <i>all</i> we do.
We forged My25’s strategic backbone among one of the most health-compromised, nutrition-challenged, budget-strapped, and time-stretched populations. This caused us to think far outside a mere, healthy recipes box and traditional methods of diet management and preventive health that have largely failed people with specialized needs.

As frosting on this high-fiber cake, we innovated to create the ground-breaking, proprietary Healthy Eating Score (HES) metric.

Nutrition measurement actively engaging visually (red to yellow to green) during menu planning and then accessible as an on-demand, trended metric for motivational and care coordination purposes. In the process, organizations gain valuable, leverageable information.
My25 uniquely energizes and galvanizes allied individuals—such as family members, guardians, housemates, staff, and beyond. We fortify communities . . . however you define your “community.” Sustainable change takes hold with a bandwagon of support on the same page and in the know.

We Very Happily Give Back

With every new subscription, My25 is more affordable for human services organizations supporting people with specialized needs.