Mainstay is the name of our company and our core brand is My25. Our digital content is subscribed to by leading for-profit and non-profit organizations and government entities. Often referred to as a downstream solution with upstream benefit, our experienced team and robust platforms have been solidifying Mainstay’s dynamic partnerships throughout the U.S. for years.

We facilitate clinical health and social determinants of health improvement to benefit associated stakeholders and costs, focusing on the primary, non-clinical predictor and indicator of an individual's preventive health: Eating the right foods in the right amounts. But we're very different, with outcomes to show for it, from traditional weight watching programs, online menu/recipe platforms, risk assessment follow-on recommendations, and diets focused on points, protein, carbs, or plant based.

My25 tackles nutrition holistically and interactively, personalizing and scaling for individual and household dietary needs and food preferences . . . no matter how complicated, such as for: diabetes, hypertension, under and over weight-related conditions, GERD, lactose intolerance, gluten-free needs, allergies, and more. Uniquely, and despite diverse needs, the whole household is able to eat the same meal together . . . enjoyably, nutritiously and affordably; this is key to galvanizing sustainable habit change and wellness.

Along the way, My25 adds even more benefit by streamlining mealtime routines and the grocery shopping experience while reducing the grocery bill. We keep demonstrating that healthy, tasty food doesn’t have to cost more or be more complicated to make.

And as frosting on this high-fiber cake . . . we designed and standardized the first-ever, automated metric of a household's Healthy Eating Scores (HES) for planning, motivational, and value-based purposes. Insightful data points and performance measurement, available on demand. Yes, we even offer cool prizes on a monthly basis to spur wellness achievement, education and engagement.

Food & My25 are a robust platform—a dynamic conduit—

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upon which subscribing organizations/entities strategically create differentiation and value, highlighting key marketing content and promoting wellness brand.

Personalized content and performance measurement related to mealtime invites daily interface . . . which means that our subscribers’ communications regarding their services, products, and messaging are also viewed daily when My25 becomes an integral part of an organization’s platform, offerings and outreach tactics. Current constituents remain plugged in, while the interest of new customers and stakeholders is captured and proactively leveraged.

We were spurred into action . . .

due to a number of compelling factors and successes.

First, a majority of organizations responsible for supporting and enhancing the health of their stakeholders admit that available, nutrition-related resources lack personalization and an outcomes-driven approach that simultaneously appeals to, and benefits, constitutents and the organization. We tackled this head-on and have succeeded on all counts for years.

Second . . . as evidenced by today’s dismal health realities and one too many “comeback clubs,” each of the following isn’t working health-wise for most individuals and households: “See a nutritionist;” “Eat your colors;” “Count your Weight Watchers points;” “Paleo, KETO, plant-based all the way;” and “Gobble up fresh fruits & veggies.” We took a realistic and moderate approach that sustains across diverse individuals and households.

Third, available “solutions” regarding eating better typically cost more, include foods complicated to make and shop for, aren’t personalized nor interactive, and lack a household focus . . . which is all at odds with sustainable habit change, the day-to-day, and needs across America. We strategically changed all this.

And finally, these additional dynamics further urge us forward at warp speed.

Improved Health

A downstream solution with upstream benefit.

Personalized food

Food—personalized—has dynamic, daily pull . . . it’s a robust conduit to your communications and goal achievement.

Sure, it’s easy to Google what to eat when tackling extra weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, GERD, allergies, and more…but that quickly dead ends without interaction and personalization for individual and household preferences and needs.

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Answers to the questions we always get asked…



We were spurred into action because…


“Mainstay has delivered from a health, bottom-line, and much more standpoint, so we are very pleased.”

~ Larry Weishaar, VP Quality Systems, BrightSpring Health Services

Fiber Nerd

The World Health Organization concludes that fiber is the super solution behind preventive health and longer life for most anyone.


"Obesity and resulting diabetes are the only major health problems that are getting worse in this country, and they’re getting worse rapidly."

~ The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention