Different My25 products are sought out for two purposes. First, a broad range of leading for-profit and non-profit organizations and agencies want an affordable, scalable, digital plug-in to add value and tap into—and maximize for—the large and growing specialized needs sector and its vast support network of allied individuals.

Second, organizations and agencies overseeing LTSS and HCBS settings look to My25 to realize enhanced person-centered choice, quality, compliance, operations, and finances amid diverse needs, staffing challenges, budget & time constrains, and stringent regulations—a holistic, integrated Food as Medicine system.

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Depending on the product, My25 resources are accessed via simple url link, hyperlinked button, app download, API integration with our subscribers’ online platforms, and/or My25’s Support team routinely and proactively engaging with end users. Across all products, on-demand oversight & usage reports are accessible regarding key health, financial and engagement metrics.
Considering diverse health needs, person-centered food preferences, learning styles, budgets, and mealtime habits/routines, My25 provides flexible product options so resources are spot-on and maximizing. Our <a href=/public/insight>Food as Medicine approach</a> is the cornerstone behind My25 deliverables and successes spanning thousands of households, tens of thousands of individuals, and the associated organizations and agencies subscribing to My25.
Having established our foundational guidelines in collaboration with professionals from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University and through partnership with the USDA, My25’s experienced team and proprietary technology successfully address needs regarding overweight and underweight status, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, GERD, lactose intolerance, gluten-free, allergies, dysphagia, and more. We subscribe to: moderation versus deprivation; rebalancing the plate; the Dietary Guidelines for Americans; and that super nutrient, fiber. My25’s team and software further utilize the USDA’s nutrition data base and Healthy Eating Index for nutritional analysis.<br/><br/>Unlike so many preventive health and risk assessment approaches focusing on the most unwell/most at-risk 5%, My25 products positively impact a majority of people with specialized needs . . . making us a definitive population health solution.
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My25 Product Snapshots
Below are a few brief highlights from My25’s family of products. Are you looking to My25 as an affordable value-add, digital plug-in to tap into the specialized needs sector or are you hoping to address—in one fell swoop—person-centered menu planning, grocery shopping and food costs, meal prep, licensor expectations and nutrition/preventive health in LTSS and HCBS settings? We have a solution for both.
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Introducing <a target=_blank href=>My25 Admin Tracker</a> &amp; <a target=_blank href=>My25 Plus Pack</a>. We’re arming you with on-demand data for your oversight, strategic planning, documentation, and leverageable opportunity purposes. And because we figured out what it takes to measurably move the needle on so many fronts, we bundled tried-and-true, robust resources to steer your course and pathway to outcomes success. Immediately below is a snapshot from each organization’s customized My25 Admin Tracker.

Our groundbreaking, highly affordable My25 Personal mobile app and messaging platform—compatible with (phone, tablet) Apple iOS, Google Android, and Jitterbug Smart3—is geared to people with specialized needs and their allied staff and family/guardians.

My25 grocery lists can be used at any store, but if it’s Walmart we can help further through My25 Grocery. We created a technology partnership with Walmart so that, via <b>one click</b>, purchases stay in healthy and budget-sensitive lanes for curbside pick-up or delivery and SNAP EBT. Time savings-palooza. In large part we invested for our subscribers along these lines, because we learned that it isn’t so much ingredient price that leads to the greatest savings at the grocery store. Instead, the most impactful savings come from adherence to well-constructed menus and their associated shopping lists. Watch the brief overview video below.
The My25 Select platform—self-directed and centered around building a calendar of personalized, weekly dinner meals—includes education and skill building resources in 81 languages and multi-media format. Break-out innovation abounds, such as our Leftovers Rescue Planner, auto links to My25 Grocery and My25’s Healthy Eating Score (HES) tracker, and a vast library of recipe photos and videos set to music. Watch the brief <a target=_blank href=>My25 Select overview video</a>.<br><br>Also featured within the My25 Select platform is <i>My</i> Menus, where the individual and/or household can easily map out how they’re mixing it up each week between recipe prep at home, having meals delivered, and eating out; we keep demonstrating that simple planning keeps mealtime in healthier, budget-sensitive lanes.<br><br>Like My25 Personal, access is seamless; subscribe to My25 Select for the people you care about and your constituents sign up and engage via simple url, hyperlinked button, or API integration with your platform. My25 Select is highly scalable.
My25 Choice is our foundational product most maximizing in waiver and ICF settings, and some supported living homes. You can read about everything included in a My25 Choice subscription <a target=_blank href=>here</a> and how we get to smooth sailing <a target=_blank href=>here</a> , but we also suggest setting up time to meet for an online overview to learn more. Just a few My25 Choice highlights . . . a My25 Support Associate dedicated to each home who is proactively reaching out on a routine basis to report on outcomes progress, organize contests & challenges, and continually update menus to reflect person-centered choices, dietary needs, and grocery budget goals; a 24/7 menu change hotline; rewards we underwrite to recognize outcomes progress on the part of residents and staff; multi-media engagement and education; and the below My25 Max-RESIDENT CHOICE+ platform—that residents love interacting with—that seamlessly interfaces with a My25 Choice subscription.
And our proprietary My25 Healthy Eating Score tracker and metric available to My25 Choice, My25 Select and<br>My25 Personal subscribers . . .

As frosting on this value-based cake, we innovated to create the ground-breaking, proprietary Healthy Eating Score (HES) metric.

Nutrition measurement actively engaging visually (red to yellow to green) during menu planning and then accessible as an on-demand, trended metric for motivational and care coordination purposes. In the process, organizations gain valuable, leverageable information.

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