These partnerships, along with nationwide trials, established My25’s foundational guidelines, technology backbone, and a holistic approach to strategic direction. We centered on outcomes and personalization for the individual and—uniquely—the whole household. From a nutrition standpoint, we committed to: moderation versus deprivation; rebalancing the plate; The Dietary Guidelines for Americans; and that super nutrient, fiber.
The immediate goal was to improve clinical and social health, streamline mealtime, and reduce grocery expense for one of the most marginalized populations in the U.S.—while also curtailing costs for allied organizations and funders. Our initial deliverables were web-based/mobile-optimized resources branded as My25 Choice.
My25 Choice outcomes were, and years later remain, substantial on all counts as we successfully scaled one of the most health-compromised, nutrition-challenged, and cost-conscious mountains. Our innovation has been entrenched for the past several years among the nation’s most respected for-profit and nonprofit human services provider organizations.
Along the way, Jim and Sylvia noted that multiple outcomes could be achieved simultaneously—and, in fact, concurrently move the eat-better needle by leaps and bounds—when critical, food-related components are linked and automated. My25’s strategic partnerships with online grocers is a primary example of how these pivotal components add value and stickiness. (My25 Grocery is an available add-on in each of our core products today.)
We were also energized by two additional factors. First, stories of engagement and positive health impact realized by family members and professionals personally interfacing with our resources by way of their connection to an individual utilizing My25 Choice; with everyone on the same eat-better page, sustainable habit change for the person with special needs was more often occurring. And second, subscribing organizations started promoting their My25 outcomes as a way to drive financial and marketing initiatives. Basically, wellness was selling . . . well . . . inordinately so for our customers.
Jim and Sylvia decided to leverage this robust foundation and the burgeoning dynamics. They developed a condensed, interactive, high engagement and affordably-priced version of My25 Choice—including its personalized and holistic underpinnings—to maximize the day-to-day for people with special needs, while also captivating associated individuals and households. This robust resource joined the My25 family as My25 Select.
At the same time, Mainstay invested in the creation of two additional resources, both of which are key features within the My25 Select platform. 1.) My25’s Healthy Eating Score (HES), the only metric automatically measuring and trending household nutritional values. 2.) The Portal, housing on-demand educational resources in multi-media format and 81 languages regarding nutrition, preventive health, independent living skills development, and enjoyment of life. And finally, as a way to further engage, users can now opt-in to text messages aligned with areas of personal interest and need.
As a way to broaden reach and access regarding the My25 solution, My25 Select is highly scalable and, very purposefully, is a strategic fit for diverse, subscribing entities aiming to elevate engagement with this formidable group regarding health, food-related activities, and allied financials.
Mainstay’s My25 team is comprised of respected nutrition, preventive health, disease management, culinary (our chef is a graduate of one of the top culinary schools in the country), technology, human services, and business professionals who expertly and enthusiastically steer our daily efforts and growth. We unabashedly love what we do.
Jim and Sylvia routinely present at conferences throughout the U.S. regarding: My25’s mutually-beneficial outcomes for subscribing entities and people with specialized needs; clinical and social health impact; integrated technology innovation; and first-ever, on demand performance measurement of household nutrition via trended Healthy Eating Scores (HES). They were invited to meet with CMS Secretary of Health & Human Services and her team in Washington to provide insight into My25’s groundbreaking, 4-step approach. Further, at the request of Illinois state legislators, Jim and Sylvia were the architects behind guidelines—which have since been enacted into law—regarding health benchmarks for marginalized populations.
Mainstay’s founders are described as . . .
Fanatically determined to drive impactful, multi-pronged outcomes for their customers
Strategy and implementation gurus
Fiber nerds who really do eat the right foods in the right amounts
Forever lamenting that there are only 24 hours in a day
Bound for Door County, Wisconsin with various kids and dogs whenever a rare, spare moment pops up