Human Services, Healthcare & Government
Human services provider agencies, MCOs, ACOs, healthcare providers, and government entities serving populations with specialized needs subscribe to the My25 Select platform for use by these vital individuals and their associated family, guardians, housemates, and staff. The driving forces are: scale and digital accessibility, acceleration of preventive health via better nutrition, value-based care coordination, tailored resources, affordability, and self-directed interaction on a personalized basis in a high engagement format.<br/>
Online Grocers
Online grocers subscribe to My25 Select to make the interactive platform available to people with specialized needs and their associated family, guardians, housemates, and staff. My25’s healthy, personalized menus/ingredients auto link to the grocer’s online shopping cart. The driving forces are: enhanced sector engagement and revenue, health leadership/brand elevation, and social impact/community relationship goodwill. Online grocers provide My25 Select access to individuals with specialized needs through a hyperlinked button on their web site, with API integration connecting the My25 ingredient data base and the grocer’s ingredient data base.

Individuals and whole households engage with the My25 Select platform in one of two ways.

Actively/frequently . . . for personalized menu planning, grocery shopping, recipe prep, education, and HES guidance & tracking . . . which leads to substantial, preventive health improvement and reduced grocery spend.
Casually . . . for engagement/enjoyment, knowledge gains, and occasional recipes . . . which also favorably impacts health improvement and grocery shopping activities and budgets.
Web-based and mobile-optimized . . . multi-media resources, educational and engagement scaffolding in 81 languages, and all of the features noted above and highlighted on the Products page.

As frosting on this high-fiber cake, we innovated to create the ground-breaking, proprietary Healthy Eating Score (HES) metric.

Nutrition measurement actively engaging visually (red to yellow to green) during menu planning and then accessible as an on-demand, trended metric for motivational and care coordination purposes. In the process, organizations gain valuable, leverageable information.
For 100+ user subscriptions, routine text messaging outreach is available for individuals/households to opt-in. My25 text messaging is encouraging, insightful, and can be customized to address specific areas of need—such as regarding diabetes, overweight status, enjoyment of life, grocery shopping tips, recipe suggestions, independent living skills development, and more.