Step Up

Information and budget and time-sensitive suggestions help people who are in a position of everyday influence to step up as a motivational force and lead wellness change. Family members, DSPs, house managers, you name it . . . you've got the power to elevate engagment and buy-in when it comes to preventive health.

Organize A Cold Appetizer Contest

Nothing creates eat-better mojo like a foodie-centered contest—especially when the light-hearted competition is easy to pull off and appealing to one and all. We map out how to organize this simple, fun and impactful event.

Organize A Food Photography Contest

These days, we all snap pics of the food we make and eat. So why not make a contest of it, learn in the process, and create some easy, low-cost wellness engagement? Here are 7 steps to conduct a food photography contest in a snap...

Grow A Vegetable Garden

You'll be more interested in eating vegetables if you grow your own and wow your household. And it's pretty easy to do!

Host A Nutrition Quiz Bowl

A friendly, fun competition creates enthusiasm, fosters healthy-habits awareness, and bolsters important knowledge gains. Plus, the event encourages use of the My25 Portal and all its robust resources, because all the answers are right here, everyday. A nutrition quiz bowl is easy and inexpensive to pull together; we show you how . . .

Fiber Nerd

The World Health Organization concludes that fiber is the super solution behind preventive health and longer life for most anyone.


Everyday influencers at home, school and work are preventive-health super glue.

Watch Brian's Story to learn more about My25's substantial outcomes.

Improved Health

Better health is at the crux of reduced, overall supports.