Make Merry

Kick up your heels at mealtime with our seasonal recipe ideas, interesting factoids, sweet-as-pie craft projects, nifty party tips, unique gift suggestions, and more. Remember: It's easier to eat better when affordable fun is a main ingredient.

And They're Off At The Kentucky Derby

The run for the roses is always the first Saturday in May, so don your fanciest hat. Because a Kentucky Derby party is always a crowd pleaser, we make sure you're prepared...

Kentucky Derby Trail Mix

The first Saturday in May never tasted so good.

Cinco de Mayo Means Fiesta!

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage that many Americans recognize and embrace each year. We explain more about this spirited holiday and the ways in which you can enjoy it. Isn't it nice when there's an official reason to eat guacamole?

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers Day

Gift ideas, what to serve for breakfast in bed, restaurant tips... well, you get the put-MOM-on-a-pedestal idea. And we share some heartwarming insights about being a MOM from Anna Quindlen.

It's easier to eat better when affordable fun is a main ingredient at mealtime.

We do the merry legwork.


Life's most memorable moments often happen around the dinner table. We help you make memories.


Eating better is easier when the whole household gets involved.