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Engaging videos and insightful articles provide information about best practices, preventive health, nutrition, and cutting edge innovation. This robust content is useful for training, continuing education and general information purposes. Be Smart focuses on 4 new topics weekly, while My25 Library—accessible on-demand—houses all of the content we've ever created.

Foods That Bugs & Bites Do & Don’t Like

Foods That Bug Mosquitos

We can't tout any scientific evidence, but these foods are known to be helpful when it comes to bugs and bites. Share this info with your bandwagon; they'll thank you a hundred times over for being so thoughtful. And it's a mighty good thing when your bandwagon is gushing.

Cooking & Foodie Terms/Explanation

A multi-media library of terms related to cooking, eating, and the kitchen. Never wonder again what “al dente” means, how to “blanch” foods, or what “chutney” is.

Grilling Perfect Vegetables

Veggies equal fiber and healthy. Grilled veggies equal yummy. We have some tips for how to grill vegetables of all kinds to perfection.

Food Safety 101

You risk illness if you don't store/handle/prepare/serve food safely and at appropriate temperatures. There are a few simple steps you can take to avoid serious problems like food poisoning.

Foreign Language

Hola! Bon jour! Ni Hao! Yes, My25 content is provided in multiple languages.

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