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My25 tips, education and cool, newsy stuff help people of all ages—from all walks of life—understand how to eat better as a lifestyle change. All it takes is a few simple tweaks. Hand to heart.

The Healthier Camping Trip

Pitching a tent and enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t mean potato chips are your only go-to food option. We searched high and low to find the best healthier, easy-to-make mealtime/snack suggestions—including s’mores—for when you’re sleeping under the glorious Milky Way.

Yum! Fantastic Grilling Recipes

Fire up those coals this coming Labor Day and grill away to your heart’s content. Add these yum-worthy recipes to your end-of-summer celebration.

Picnic Fare & Fun

PicnicGet a big ol' blanket, order up some sunshine, and pack up your picnic basket for the Labor Day weekend. We have some tips and suggestions for how to make your outing as picture perfect as a warm summer day.

Summer Salads

Get the household involved in planning and preparing when it comes to these summery gems of health and yum that are oh so easy on the eyes.

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