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My25 tips, education and cool, newsy stuff help people of all ages—from all walks of life—understand how to eat better as a lifestyle change. All it takes is a few simple tweaks. Hand to heart.

Play Ball & Eat Healthy!


Baseball gets mighty exciting as the season comes into the homestretch. A perfect bandwagon building opportunity if ever there was one. So which foods are the healthiest as you're cheering on the home team? And just how do baseball players spend their days?

Sauce It Up

For meats, veggies and healthy starches that are on the drier side, your meal might benefit from some saucey oomph. We’re talking texture AND taste. We’ve got some suggestions . . .

Super Seeds

Add healthy nutrients and incredible texture and flavor to your cooking with all kinds of seeds. Sunflower, anise, pumpkin, poppy, and more . . .

Snack Foods For People With Dysphagia

We provide snack-time suggestions for people who have difficulty swallowing.

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Eating better is easier when the whole family gets involved.

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Improved Health

Better health is at the crux of reduced, overall supports.