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Accelerating health & happiness within the human services sphere.

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For people supported in LTSS settings and those connected with their care and support on a daily basis. Nothing moves the preventive health needle and associated costs in the right direction quite like tailored, targeted messaging that’s engaging and educational in one fell swoop. Watch our brief overview video.

Below . . . learn more about My25 Flex (and sign up—it’s free!) and My25 Bullseye.

Providers, MCOs, ACOs, State DHS, & State Provider Association Groups . . . click here to get our My25 Flex & My25 Bullseye Fact Sheet that outlines how these two resources work to accomplish your specific, individual-based, goals.

My25 Flex Newsletter

The first lifestyle communication for human services and the cornerstone you’ve been asking for . . . engaging, health-forward, and education-based. In a warm, colossal-sized hug kind of way—supplying game-changing guidance, information, and encouragement direct to the individual and everyone in their sphere. Includes contests, rewards, and giveaways to spur involvement and progress toward critical outcomes.

Emailed new to all the cool people on the 1st of every month . . . then on repeat one more time during the month for good measure. Grab a cup of Joe and experience a My25 Flex Newsletter sample here. Yes, there’s a lot about food, because food is the key driver behind preventive health—and fitting into cool-looking jeans—for most anyone.

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My25 Bullseye Text Messaging

In a nutshell . . . targeted, tailored, consistent text messaging that typically has a 100% open rate. Direct to the individual supported and associated people within their sphere.

There are three My25 Bullseye subscription options, all of which are outlined further below. You can choose one or any combination of all three across the group of individuals you are targeting for health improvement. Fees are PMPM.

My25 Bullseye outreach is tuned into the dynamics and realities of the human services sphere. Based on laser focus and years of experience in thousands of LTSS settings, our knowledge is uniquely deep regarding people with disabilities, including: routines, habits, health status, budgets, daily challenges, and short- and long-term opportunities. Similarly, we have keen understanding regarding associated stakeholders—such as family members, caregivers, case managers, DSPs, and allied human services and health care professionals—and how to maximize their efforts on a daily basis.

Smart Click Texts 1. Smart Click Texts

We build a profile of each individual receiving the My25 Flex Newsletter based on their click history; we use this information for targeted My25 Bullseye text messaging that educates and encourages at least 6 times per month—included are enticements to participate in contests and giveaways. For example, if an individual is clicking on My25 Flex diabetes information with regularity, My25 Bullseye targeted messaging will capitalize upon this intelligence and deliver pinpointed content such as healthy, low-carb snack suggestions.

Smart Click + Drive Texts 2. Smart Click + Drive Texts

If you would like messaging to additionally focus on topics related to health data you possess for a targeted individual, we can steer content in that direction, as well. So with this option you enhance the profile we are already building for each individual interfacing with the My25 Flex Newsletter. For example, if your data indicates that a person is clinically obese and you are targeting improvement in this area, you can direct us to incorporate motivational and educational text outreach related to weight loss for person X—which we undertake to create and deliver... such as tips for how to eat in a healthier way in a fast food restaurant.

Drive Texts 3. Drive Texts

Similar to option #2, but not layered on top of the profile we are building based on My25 Flex Newsletter clicks for each individual. Instead, My25 Bullseye text messaging is crafted solely based on your directives regarding individual needs and targeted areas of improvement. As outlined above, outreach will be engaging, educational and motivating—including enticements to participate in contests and giveaways.

Flex & Bullseye

Improved Health

Better health is at the crux of reduced, overall supports.

My25 Bullseye

My25 Bullseye sends targeted, personalized text messages to encourage, educate and move that preventive health needle.

Fiber Nerd

The World Health Organization concludes that fiber is the super solution behind preventive health and longer life for most anyone.


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