Finally… Quality Up, Expenses Down

Funders, primarily State DHS, MCOs and ACOs, subscribe to Mainstay's My25 programs as a result of the substantial outcomes we uniquely facilitate—via a person-centered approach—regarding: improved health and choice for people supported; associated, diminished expense for labor, food, PRNs, acute care and prescription medications; and reduced risk and compliance exposure and pay-out. Review our overview deck.

We're the pioneers behind all-important Strategic Mealtime that is becoming mandatory within the industry. We have a laser focus on human services and our experience includes tailoring supports and delivering cost effective resources for individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, serious and persistent mental illness, and behavioral health challenges in waiver, ICF, supported living and home/foster-based settings.

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Based on trends and escalating costs, human services organizations are rapidly evolving into health care entities. My25 is the only solution accomplishing meaningful upsides, on a broad basis, synergistic with managed care and value-based purchasing expectations. Click to read our president's article here and our co-founder's white paper here.

Mainstay's My25 team is made up of respected human services industry, preventive health, disease management, nutrition, culinary, business, and technology professionals. We typically fall within these categories as entities across the industry define us: strategic mealtime, risk management, compliance, expense reduction, preventive health, training/education, consulting, and strategy.


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Improved Health

Better health is at the crux of reduced, overall supports.