Finally… Quality of Life Improvement

Via a person-centered approach, My25 is the only solution facilitating substantial and sustainable clinical and social determinants of health gains on a broad basis for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, serious and persistent mental illness, and behavioral challenges supported in waiver, ICF, independent living, and home/foster-based settings.

Included are weight and diabetes management and improvement regarding associated, chronic conditions that negatively impact quality and length of life. Click to watch Brian's Story.

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Human Services

We accomplish these unique outcomes through Mainstay's My25 products that are provided as a subscription to leading human services provider organizations, state disabilities services, state provider associations, MCOs, and ACOs for their constituencies.

In the process, we accelerate a number of critical outcomes that benefit these stakehdolders and funders. Watch our overview video and read about Strategic Mealtime & Technology-Supported Mealtime—innovation inordinately beneficial to persons served. Our team is made up of respected and experienced human services industry, preventive health, disease management, nutrition, culinary, business, and technology professionals.


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Improved Health

Better health is at the crux of reduced, overall supports.