No, we don't sell food and we're not a run-of-the-mill menu company.

My25 Choice, My25 Elevate Portal, My25 Flex and My25 Bullseye —created by our team of human services industry, preventive health, disease management, nutrition, culinary, business and technology professionals—are available separately or all together through a highly affordable monthly subscription to provider organizations, MCOs, ACOs, state DHS, and state provider association groups for their constituents in waivers, ICFs, supported living, and home/foster-based settings. Watch our brief overview.

Our products are all content based, delivered electronically via email, text, web and mobile. Everything we do is centered on Strategic Mealtime & Technology-Supported Mealtime. We're also leading the way as far as How To Reduce LTSS Food Costs and solving the DSP staffing crisis ((click here).

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My25 Choice

For waiver and ICF settings. View a sample of weekly deliverables and watch our brief overview. Both health improvement and expense-reduction outcomes are substantial—quickly and sustainably—as a result of My25 Choice resources.

My25 Choice is a foolproof mealtime toolkit that streamlines menu planning, grocery shopping & recipe prep with supports customized for the individual (no matter how complicated, including for: diabetes, obesity, underweight status, dysphagia, lactose intolerance, GERD, allergies, ESRD, and more) and customized for routines of the individual setting (e.g. staffing patterns, pizza night every Thursday, eat out each Friday evening, personal staff/consumer recipes, etc.).

On a weekly basis, via email, each setting receives completely customized resources that cycle new every 35 days to reflect the season; consumers' birthdays; evolving food likes/dislikes, dietary needs and health status; and grocery spend targets. We never charge for census changes or menu request changes—we're continually encouraging person-centered choice and suggesting tweaks as a result of our diligence regarding health status.

Then . . . My25's Support team (comprised of experienced human services industry professionals) proactively and routinely stays in touch with house managers on an ongoing basis. We're advising, providing inservices training webinars, suggesting/implementing menu changes, facilitating orientations, incorporating specific household/scheduling needs into the menus (such as crock pot recipes), and more. Through a number of proven pathways, we also facilitate consumer involvement in meal time and healthy eating. Twice per year, we provide subscriber management with a progress report highlighting outcomes accomplishments and key nuances about each setting and people supported.

It's possible to execute mealtime in a foolproof way—no matter experience level, nutrition knowledge, amount of turnover, or busyness in the day. Consistency and accountability are the new norm. As are: healthy, tasty, filling, easy-to-prepare, and budget sensitive meals. Information required by outside surveyors and licensors for oversight purposes are automatically generated. And because we're always asked: Yes, we collaborate with subscribers' dietitians and nurses all the time.

Contact us to review My25 Choice resources upclose through a brief webinar—we’ll suit your schedule and that of your colleagues. We’ll also fill you in how you can pilot My25 Choice, with pricing and cost savings that will knock your budget-strapped socks off.

My25 Choice menu options

My25 Elevate Portal

Go to:, so you can interact with our robust resource firsthand.

The My25 Elevate Portal—web-based and mobile optimized—delivers topical information tied to the calendar and dynamic engagement and education centered on preventive health, disease management, nutrition, kitchen skills, enjoyment of life, independent living skills development, socialization, and more

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my25 portal on iPad

My25 Elevate’s multi-media content, available on-demand in 81 languages and updated weekly, is a holistic cornerstone, galvanizing your entire constituency around proactive health habits. Additionally, case managers, day programs and residential services all access the Portal to scaffold their daily efforts. And if you want specific curricula created, the My25 team compiles the information and posts it within 7 days for your ongoing use.

We white label the Portal, so our most proactive subscribers can solidify their brand and commitment to health leadership in bold technicolor to both internal and external stakeholders.

My25 Flex Newsletter & My25 Bullseye Text Messaging

Supporting people with disabilities—direct to individual—with tailored, targeted, health-forward and lifestyle-centric communications via email and text messaging. Experience a My25 Flex Newsletter sample here. Get all the Flex & Bullseye info here.

More Deliverables

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"My25 has delivered from a health and bottom-line standpoint, so we are very pleased."

~ Larry Weishaar, Vice President Customer Relations-Quality, ResCare, Inc.

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